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I think that th…

I think that that the inovations in technology will make our future worse and bring more dangers. technology just brings more opprotunitys to meet people over the internet which is a danger.


7th Grade was r…

7th Grade was really fun. I learned about a lot. For example, I learned all about Japan, China and Medieval Europe. We learned all about the samurai, at the Asian Art Museum, and by watching the last samurai. I did a report about the Ninja. I learned a lot about them that I never knew. Like I never knew that they were actually farmers and that some of their weapons actually evolved from farming tools. Also they were hired by the Daimyos. When we studied china we learned about the art. The art is very interesting and detailed. In math we learned a lot of new concepts. This summer I look forward to hanging out with my friends Nicolas, Luke, Gabe and Isaiah at Junior Guards. I also look forward to playing soccer and basketball at camps. This summer will be really fun. I really enjoy the competitions in Junior Guards. I get to hang out with friends that I haven’t seen in a really long time. Also next year I will be going to a new school so I will be able to see some friends I haven’t seen since third grade. Last summer I didn’t get into Junior Guards until the last week because I signed up late. I hope I will get in this year.

Students and teachers should use Twitter to communicate with each other

I don’t think teachers and students should use Twitter to communicate with each other because the students should talk to teachers because they should talk to their teachers at school. teachers already have so much to do after school, that I don’t think they will have the time to go on the internet and tweet to the students about things. To me it just seems inconvenient.


hi here is a link to a cool website called

Halo Reach






Halo Reach is a first person shooting game in the future about The Spartans resistance against the Covenant(Aliens). You play as Noble 6 who is in a team of Marines. The teams members are Kat, Emile, Carter, Jun, Noble 6 and Jorge. In the end of the game the whole team dies and restores piece to Reach.


MW3MW3s.docx by cyrus and matt